UK hotels are selling their shares in hotelTonight


A new UK hotel booking app has revealed the number of UK hotels with shares of a hotel tonight, and the reasons why.

HotelTonight, which is a new online booking site which lets people book hotel rooms from across the UK, revealed the share numbers of some of its UK hotel partners.

The app reveals that at the start of April, there were a total of 535 hotels in the UK with shares worth more than £500m.

HotelsTonight says the share price of the majority of the UK hotels was up by more than 50 per cent since the start the year.

HotlentTonight, a subsidiary of hotel booking firm Travelocity, also revealed that the share prices of some UK hotel brands were up by 50 per-cent or more over the same period.

Hoteline, the UK’s biggest hotel booking website, said in a statement to Business Insider that its share prices rose by more, up more than 500 per cent over the past 12 months.

Hotline said the increase was due to “increased demand from UK travellers and a stronger currency”.

It said that the UK market was the best place to book hotel room, with more than 80 million UK travellers visiting the UK in the past year.

The firm also said that “hotelTonight’s innovative hotel booking platform” is helping to drive hotel bookings in the country.

Hotliner said it’s seeing “significant growth” in hotel bookership in the U.K.

Hotliners data also revealed hotel room availability and number of hotel rooms available in the last six months.

This data is from Hotline and is based on data from a variety of sources.

HotLine said it would be publishing a full analysis of hotel occupancy and occupancy rates in the coming months.