When the Bulls are on: A year of success for LeBron James


The Bulls are going to have their best season in the franchise’s modern history when LeBron James returns to the court in March.

And for all of the hype surrounding the Cavs, the Bulls were in a prime position to finish the regular season with a win.

That’s according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, who compiled a list of all the key statistics for the Bulls in a league-wide analysis.

Here’s how the Bulls did it: They went 6-0 with the league’s third-best record, a record that was just as impressive if not better than the Cavaliers’ record.

That means the Bulls made the playoffs, beating the Warriors, Celtics and Celtics in the first round and beating the Bucks, Knicks, Celtics, Warriors and Spurs in the second.

They won the NBA’s second-best conference in the East, and they made the finals in three of their last four appearances.

They also made the conference finals in six of their eight appearances.

In terms of the Bulls’ defense, it was the most impressive stat on the list.

The Bulls allowed opponents to shoot 38.4 percent in the regular-season, the fifth-worst mark in the league, and shot just 34.5 percent from 3-point range in the playoffs.

They allowed opponents a league best 3.3 3-pointers per game, and opponents shot 38.7 percent on those shots in the final six games.

The Bulls shot 49.3 percent from the field and 40.9 percent from beyond the arc in their first seven games, then improved to 47.3 and 38.6 percent in their final five games.

That was an improvement from their season average of 40.5 and 38 percent.

And in that span, the Knicks were the only team in the NBA to shoot a higher percentage from the 3-dot than the Bulls.

That said, the NBA has been a better shooting league in the postseason than it was in the lockout-shortened 2013-14 season, and the Bulls improved to a league high of 40 percent from behind the arc during the 2014-15 season.

In all, the team was shooting 46.4 from beyond 10 feet in the seven games the Bulls played during the regular campaign, and that number was improved to 48.7 from 10 feet during the playoffs when the Bulls won the title.

The NBA average in that time was 42.7, according to STATS LLC.

It’s a feat that the Bulls didn’t reach before, but they did it with James, who averaged 24.4 points, 13.6 rebounds and 3.7 assists in the Finals.

That’s the kind of production that would have made James the league leader in steals for the season.

And it’s a great sign that the team’s defense has improved.

In the regular seasons, the Cavs averaged a league average of 105.8 points and allowed 106.4.

The Cavs allowed the second-most 3-points per game in the conference in 2013-15.

The 2015-16 Cavs had the third-highest 3-positions per game at 107.3, according the NBA.

In that span of time, the Cavaliers also ranked 10th in points allowed per game allowed and seventh in points per game.

The Cavs were also among the top defensive teams in the game, allowing a league record 8.9 3-pt.

attempts per game to opposing point guards.

They were fifth in points against per game per possession (2.9).

The Cavs allowed opposing point guard to shoot 53.6 from 3.

They shot 40.8 percent from deep in the four games the Cavs played during that stretch, and 40 percent overall.

The Cavaliers shot 45.4% from beyond 2 feet, and 38% from long range.

That meant the Cavs allowed opponents just three 3-possession attempts per 100 possessions (26th in the Big Three).

And the Cavs had a big advantage over the Bulls, who shot 42.5 from 3, which was the fourth-best mark in their conference.

The only teams in that league to shoot that much were the Spurs, Clippers and Raptors.

The Bucks and the Knicks also had the most 3-Point attempts per games allowed.

In fact, the league was tied for the most attempts per point allowed in the finals against the Bulls (41.7), and the most by any team in their seven-game conference series against the Cavs (37.9) and the Spurs (37).

The Bulls were just 1.8 attempts per field goal attempt per game less efficient than the Cavs.

That’s why the Bulls shot 44.9% from the line in the playoff series.

It was the highest mark in that category in the series, and it was also the highest percentage from 3 as opposed to shooting from long-range.

When it came to defense, the best stat was the Bulls blocked shots, which they had a league highest 3.8.

They did that despite allowing a combined 36.5 shots per game