How to find the best Las Vegas Strip hotel deal


WASHINGTON — Las Vegas has a reputation for being expensive, but a new book by one of the most famous booksellers in the country may offer some advice to those who want to save on their hotel stays.

In “Luxury Hotel” by Jonathan Gold and Alex Wroblewski, the book says, “When you go to Vegas, you should be prepared for the worst.”

Gold and Wrobleski, who also have bookstores in San Francisco and New York, both write that you should pay attention to the room rates, and make sure you book ahead of time.

Gold wrote on Twitter, “You should book your hotel room as soon as possible.

And make sure your room is not a guest room.”

Gold said he and Wrotalski recently checked out a hotel in New York City, and he was surprised at how little room there was.

He said, “The room was just $200 per night, $250 per night.

So that’s almost a third of the rate.

The room was really nice.

They have a balcony, and there’s a pool.

But the room was not really luxurious.

So you’re paying $250 to have a really small pool, $200 for a room.”

Wrotalsky said he’s used to seeing the average price for a hotel room in Las Vegas for a weekend or a week at the moment, and said he was not expecting to be surprised when he found that the average room in the Las Vegas strip is a third the price.

“I have a friend who’s going to Las Vegas every weekend, and she’s looking at what she can get,” he said.

Wrotallyski said he booked his hotel in the middle of the summer, but he’s now looking to book his next trip there in the spring.

He said he will not be surprised to find that he will be paying much more than what he expected, because there are so many people and the hotels are so busy.

Gold said that if you are not prepared, and you are willing to take the long way around, you can expect a better deal, but it might not be worth it for you.

Gold, who said he used to book hotels every weekend in the early 2000s, said he now knows what to expect.

He noted that he has not been surprised by what he’s seen over the years.

“The fact that people are so happy with what they’re seeing, the fact that they’re so confident about what they can get, I think that’s a sign that they really have found the right deal,” he added.

“Luxurious Las Vegas” is available for pre-order through Amazon and iTunes.

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