The best hotels in Delhi


The best hotel in Delhi is the hotel that the government wants to put up in the city.

The hotel is in a neighbourhood that is being redeveloped by the Centre.

A proposal is under way to convert the entire area of 10 acres of land into a hotel area.

This hotel would have two floors.

The first floor would have a guest house and restaurant, while the second floor would be used for reception and hospitality.

It would have the best facilities for visitors and residents, and the first floor will be used exclusively for commercial activities.

The hotel would also have its own office, catering hall and restaurant.

The proposal has been submitted to the city government.

The government is considering the proposal for a year.

The proposed hotel would cost Rs 9 crore, according to officials.

There would be four floors, four floors of restaurant and the fourth floor would become the restaurant.

It will be built on land that was used by the former Kasturba Hotel which was built in 1974.