How to Get The Best Dog Hotel in Asheville


When you’re looking for a great hotel in Asheville, NC, there are few better options than Dog House Resort.

With a gorgeous downtown location, the Hotel Colorado is a must-see for any dog lover and a must visit for anyone who loves to enjoy nature.

For a more affordable option, we recommend staying at The Hotel Santa Fe, a popular vacation destination in Orange County.

For our readers in the Asheville area, check out the Asheville Dog Resort website for all the latest updates.

We also recommend visiting the Pet Resort, which offers a large pet room, a large indoor pool, and the most spacious indoor and outdoor dog beds in the nation.

This popular dog resort in Asheville offers an extensive list of amenities, including a fully-equipped spa, outdoor pools, dog-friendly restaurants, a dog park, and even a private dog park with a water fountain.

For those looking to get a taste of the pet world, check the Pet Expo at Dog Park in the Catskills or the Outdoor Pet Expo in the Mountain West.

Whether you are looking for an affordable hotel in the heart of Asheville, or an upscale, pet-friendly resort, Dog House Resorts is the place to stay!

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