How to get around the hotwire hotel shortage


Hotwire Hotels, the largest hotel chain in India, has said it will increase the price of its hotel rooms by up to 40% in the coming weeks.

The company said that, in the next three months, it will introduce a number of new and lower-priced hotel packages.

Hotwire’s hotel price hike comes on top of a 50% hike for its mainstay hotel package.

Hotwired also said that it will continue to make its hotel room reservation system more convenient and secure, as well as making its online booking system better.

The new hotel packages are available at the following locations:Hotwire Hotel & Hotel & Residence in Pune, IndiaHotwire Hotel & Hotel Residence at Hyderabad Hotels & Residences, HyderabadHotwire is one of the largest hotels chain in the country, with an annual revenue of over $40 billion.

It operates hotels in India and the United States, as part of its global portfolio.

In 2016, Hotwire had a revenue of $1.2 billion, which is about 20% higher than the year before.

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