What’s happening in hotel ratings this week?


Chicago-area hotels and motels were among the worst performers in Nielsen’s ratings on Wednesday, as the nation’s economy has continued to weaken and the federal government’s fiscal deadline looms.

The nationwide average was down 5.7% from a week ago, according to Nielsen data released by Nielsen.

The national average was 8.6% lower than the week before.

In the Chicago area, the average hotel occupancy rate dropped 3.9% from the previous week to 42.4%.

The national occupancy rate, at 42.8%, was down from 43.3% a week earlier.

In Napa, Calif., hotels’ occupancy rates fell 7.3%, to 45.1%, and motel occupancy rates were down 8.4%, to 34.6%.

The occupancy rates in New York City, which is still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, dropped 5.5% from last week to 26.9%.

In Las Vegas, the occupancy rate for motels fell 2.5%, to 41.7%.

In Los Angeles, the rate dropped 2.6%, to 37.1%.

The national average is down 2.2% from its peak of 49.1% in May, but the industry’s share of the nation is still up from its last high in December of 50.1.

In Los Angeles and New York, the percentage of hotel rooms in the industry that are occupied by tourists increased to 18.3%.

In Las Vegas and New Jersey, the share was 16.3 and 16.1 percent, respectively.

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