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It’s been a busy few months for Philadelphia, with some of the city’s most iconic attractions opening, and new hotels coming on line.

The latest to hit the scene is the historic Alastor Hazbin Hotel in Philadelphia’s downtown core.

It opened in February, and was originally set to open in October.

Now, it’s set to debut on May 17.

The hotel’s name and logo are a nod to the iconic hotel where Benjamin Franklin was born, and the property has a great deal of history, according to a blog post.

The Alastors, or Hazbes, Hotel is the first hotel in the city to be named after Benjamin Franklin, according the blog.

It was built in 1785 by William Hazbes Hazins, a Philadelphia native who worked in his father’s tavern.

Hazins was also the owner of the original Pennsylvania Railroad, which helped to make Philadelphia famous.

The building has been described as a “reclaimed warehouse,” with some sections still being used for storage.

But the hotel is expected to be an open space with open floor plans, and is being marketed as an “open and friendly environment.”

It also has a bar and restaurants, according its website.

The website also features an interactive map of the hotel, and a slideshow of photos from its history.

It includes photos of the old hotel, including a postcard from the 1830s.

The hotel has already been featured in a feature film.

Hazbins family was involved in the construction of the building, which was completed in 1793, and served as the Pennsylvania Hotel and Residence, which opened in 1808.

It’s also one of the oldest hotels in the country, according Toe Street’s website.

In the video above, we see what it’s like to step inside the Alastore Hazbins Hotel.

It features a number of amenities, including dining rooms and suites, as well as a bar, a gym and a library.

It also features a bar that features live music.

We can’t wait to go back for more photos.