How to buy a condo in Jerusalem for dogs


For the first time in Israel, there are plans to build a dog-friendly condo for pets.

The city council of Jerusalem has decided to create the city’s first Dog Park.

The plan is to establish a Dog Park in the historic Old City of Jerusalem, which is the center of the country’s history and culture.

The project is called Dog Park, the city is named after the Dog of the Prophet Muhammad.

The plan is aimed at promoting the city as a city of love, the municipality announced on Monday.

The municipality will offer free entry to the Dog Park and free admission to dog walkers, as well as a special service for dog lovers to come see the city and learn about its history.

The Dog Park will be an area dedicated to the memory of the prophet Muhammad.

The idea of the Dog park is to create an area for the pets of Jerusalem to come and experience the city, according to the mayor of the city of Jerusalem.

In 2017, the Dog City in the Old City, the Old Town of Jerusalem and the Old Gate of the Temple Mount were designated as “places of the year” by the United Nations for the promotion of social and cultural awareness for the animals.

The “places” were designed to provide an opportunity for the city to educate its residents on how to live with and treat animals.

The municipality has been considering a number of ways to create a dog park in Jerusalem.

The first step is to organize the creation of a park for the dogs of the Old city.

The city is hoping that the Dog Parks will be a focal point for its efforts to encourage people to come to Jerusalem and experience a different experience from other places in the world, said Meir Metzman, deputy mayor of Jerusalem Municipality.

The City of Angels will help us create a Dog park in the area in the future.

The council also wants to create dog-only areas in the city.

I think this is a great opportunity for us to encourage the citizens to come, and also create a place for the citizens of the City of God to come.

The Dog Park is part of the larger plan to open new dog parks in Jerusalem, the first being the Dogpark, which was recently opened in the West Bank city of Hebron, which has seen the establishment of a number other dog parks.

The current plan for the Dog parks is for the first two years, the mayor said.

The mayor said the new plan will also help to create opportunities for dogs to experience Jerusalem and bring the city into the world of animals.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for a dog to come in the Middle East and experience Jerusalem in a different way,” he said.

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