The Best Hotels in Hawaii: Waikiki, Maui, Oahu, Mauai


HI-WAIKIKI — The best hotels in Hawaii are all located in Waikikiri, and all have one thing in common: They are all a part of a resort, whether it’s the Grand Hotel or a new one, and the resort is the best place to stay when you’re visiting Hawaii.

There are some big differences, though, as the best hotels have to do with how they operate.

Here are the top five hotels in Waikele, with a look at the best things to do, see and stay.


Waikiko Resort, Waikīkī — Located in the heart of Waikio, the Waikitiamu Resort is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Hawaii.

The resort has two main rooms and a private balcony overlooking the beach.

The hotel also has a separate entrance on the ground floor for groups.

The rooms are clean and spacious and offer free Wi-Fi and internet access.


Honolulu Hotel, Honolulu — The second best hotel in Hawaii is the Honolulu Hotel in Waiko.

The main rooms at this hotel are spacious and have large windows.

The pool and spa area have a great view and are open to the public, and there are also outdoor restaurants, an ice rink and a fitness center.

The property is only open a few hours per week.


Maui Resort, Mauihi — Maui Resort is located in the southern part of Maui.

The facility is large, with five rooms with balcony views.

There is also a swimming pool and sauna.


Oahu Hotel, Oana — This hotel is located on the north side of Oahu.

It is surrounded by greenhouses and is a short drive to the Waikelo Beach Resort and a short walk to the island of Oʻahu.


Oʼahu Beach Resort, Oʺahu — Oʻaua is located along the southern shore of O’ahu and is home to the Oʝahu Beach Club.

It has a number of other features, including a restaurant, pool, sauna, beach volleyball and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

The location makes it ideal for those who enjoy watching the sunset and staying at a beachside hotel, but it also has its advantages as an off-the-beaten-track resort for those wanting to visit Hawaii and explore the Hawaiian Islands.

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