Hilton Hotel in Miami Beach, FL, has reopened due to flood conditions


Posted June 20, 2020 06:12:17This was the hotel that was closed due to Hurricane Matthew, the one that closed because of Hurricane Irene.

This one is still open.

But the hotel is not open for business, it is closed for now.

The hotel’s website says it is open for regular business, but its not.

The hotel reopened with the help of the Miami Beach County Public Safety Department.

They were able to get the roof lifted off the hotel to make room for new guests and it’s still open for guests to use, said Miami Beach Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

The first thing we were doing was cleaning the area,” Gimenez said.

They removed the roof and replaced it with a tent that’s bigger.

The new roof is on the ground floor.

The main floor of the hotel still has water damage, but the room upstairs has been evacuated, Gimenez added.

We will reopen in the coming days, the Miami Herald reports.

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