Two Australian men have been arrested on suspicion of the murder of a tourist in Thailand


Two Australian nationals, aged 24 and 35, have been taken into custody by Thailand police on suspicion they murdered a British tourist on a popular tourist island last month.

Key points:Two Australians have been detained by Thailand Police on suspicion the murder took place on the Koh Samui islandIn one of the arrests, one of them is a relativeThe man’s father and stepmother have also been arrestedThe Australian men are expected to be questioned at a Bangkok police station on WednesdayThe two Australians were found dead in their hotel room at the Royal Koh Samuai Resort on March 20.

The death of the man’s family member was not immediately reported.

Police say they believe the man was murdered at the resort and they are working to identify the deceased.

The Australian woman is believed to be a relative of the dead man’s.

The father and the stepmother of the Australian have been also detained.

Police said they had found evidence of foul play and the investigation was continuing.

“This is the latest in a long line of crimes committed by Australian citizens overseas in Thailand,” Detective Inspector Steve Smith from Thailand’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) said.

“In these cases, we’ve used all the tools at our disposal, and we’re committed to finding those responsible.”

A search warrant was executed at the hotel on Tuesday and officers seized evidence that included a number of items believed to have been used to kill the man.

“We are extremely grateful to the Thai authorities for their swift action in bringing these two men to justice,” DFAT Chief Minister Tan Sri Khalid Binah said.

He said the case had “put an end to a number” of crimes allegedly committed in Thailand and Thailand’s foreign minister said Thailand would “take appropriate steps to protect its people”.

Thailand’s Foreign Minister Apichart Dhammakhammaradhamm said it was important to have a safe and secure environment in which tourists were able to enjoy Thailand’s beautiful natural landscapes.

“The investigation into this murder is now over and I hope to soon see the Australian authorities brought to justice for their crime,” he said.

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