Tulum hotels and a night on the town


Tulum, Mexico — In a city that is known for its culture, art and music, the city’s Tulum Hotel was once the place to be.

A place where people came to unwind and meet, a place to make new friends, and a place where one could stay for the night.

But now the city is a ghost town.

The Tulum hotel, which was built in the 1970s, is a tourist trap, filled with empty storefronts and boarded up rooms.

It is not the same.

It has been a tourist attraction since its opening, but now it is a place that is closed to tourists.

The owners of the hotel say they are working with the city to renovate the property and make it more accessible.

The hotel will be re-opened next week, but only to tourists who can make their way in from Mexico City.

The owner of the Tulum and other Tulum properties told TIME the city has been very helpful and understanding.

In the past, people would come and go, but this time, they can stay for a week and then come back, he said.

The hotel will reopen next week.

The owners are hoping the tourist influx will attract more visitors and more people will come to enjoy the city.