How luxury hotel rooms can be cheaper than hotel rooms


An article on how hotels can be more affordable than hotel accommodations in a few weeks time.

The article goes on to say, “The hotels are cheaper than a room at a luxury hotel.”

So the hotels are more affordable, right?

The answer is yes, but the cost of a hotel room is a much larger percentage of the total cost of your trip.

A hotel room at $500 USD costs you $6.50 in travel costs.

But a hotel stays for 12 days at a cost of $1,200 USD, or $1.25 per day.

So if you’re planning on staying in a luxury resort or a luxurious hotel for 12 consecutive days, your overall cost of the hotel stay is $2,000 USD, which is $5.50 more per day than the average tourist stay in that city.

Of course, these hotels are expensive, and you’ll want to book a hotel for the duration of your stay, but if you plan to spend less than $500 in travel on a single trip, you’ll probably want to stay somewhere cheaper.

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