White House calls off $50 million in hotel tax payments for the year


The White House on Wednesday rescinded $50.3 million in federal hotel tax refunds for 2017.

The refunds were set to expire at the end of January, but the Obama administration delayed the expiration of the refunds so they could be paid out by the end, according to a memo from Assistant to the President for Tax and Fiscal Policy Brad Garlinghouse.

The payments will be refunded on Jan. 15.

In a letter to Congress, Garlingcourt said that the refunds are being made “to protect taxpayers from the potential loss of revenue from hotel tax credits.”

The refunds are intended to help offset the impact of the hotel tax on hotel guests, Garringhouse wrote.

The cancellations follow a number of instances in which hotel taxes have raised concerns among lawmakers, and also comes as a number local governments have been hit with similar costs due to the hotel occupancy tax.

The Trump administration has not yet commented on the cancellations.

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