Why Stanley Hotel and other hotel companies are taking off


It was a busy Tuesday morning when a hotel chain in central Australia decided to give itself a little extra cash to get more guests.

In an email, the Stanley Hotel Group said it was offering up to $150 for every ticket sold for its first-run Stanley hotel, which opened in early November.

It said it had already booked some 7,000 rooms, with more expected in coming weeks.

The hotel chain said it would offer the same promotion for its Stanley Hotel, which also opened in November.

The Stanley Hotel opened in Melbourne and Brisbane and is now being marketed to Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

A spokesperson for the Stanley said the promotion was in response to increased demand for rooms at the hotel.

“We are excited to be launching our new Stanley Hotel in the first week of January, which will be our first and only one of its kind in Australia,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

The announcement comes as a growing number of hotel chains are experimenting with their own “rooms” that allow guests to share a room and enjoy the perks of having their own private room.

The concept has gained popularity among the hotel industry in recent years as it allows guests to stay in the same room with no need for a shared bed.

This has helped to drive down room rates, which have been in freefall since the recession.

The trend has also been attracting a younger crowd to the industry, with millennials favouring hotels for more relaxed, family-friendly experiences.

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