How to watch your favourite sports, including football and hockey, online from your laptop and smartphone


There are a lot of apps available to stream your favourite sport, from TV apps to streaming services like Twitch, but there’s one thing that most of them don’t offer: the ability to watch a game from your computer or smartphone.

There are, however, a handful of apps that do, including Loews Hotel, a popular luxury hotel and bar in Melbourne, Australia. 

As well as being the flagship hotel in the city, Loews has over 60 rooms with amenities ranging from bar and restaurant to a spa.

Loews is offering its hotel guests the ability for their phone to stream games, and if you’ve got an Android device, you can use the app to stream it.

To get started, you’ll need to have a Loews account that’s at least two years old.

To do so, head to the app and you’ll be presented with the option to “enable live streaming”.

Here, you’re asked to select a type of app, such as a game, a movie or music, and the device you’re going to stream.

You can then choose to use a VPN or hotspot, and then choose a country or region to stream from.

You’ll also need to provide a password and password verification code.

Once you’ve clicked “stream”, the Loews app will then send you the game, the music, or the movie that you want to stream, but if you choose to skip the streaming, it will automatically stop the stream and ask you to start again.

This will happen every 30 minutes, or every 30 seconds if you’re watching the game on your phone.

You’re then prompted to choose a password, which you can set by tapping the “I’m a VIP” button.

The passwords are then saved on the phone.

The only way you can change your password is to tap the “Change Password” button at the bottom of the screen, and this can be done at any time by using the “lock screen” option.

If you’re not logged in to your Loews hotel account, you may need to enter your password every time you want your password to change.

If a password change doesn’t happen within a minute or two, you will receive a notification that you’ve entered a bad password.

To change your passwords, simply tap the password prompt at the top of the Loess hotel app, and choose “Change”.

This is the only way to change your login credentials, as it’s the only login method that’s supported on Android devices.

There’s also a “login” option in the Loew Hotel app that allows you to sign in to the Loosier, or other online services.

The login prompt asks for your email address, so you can sign in if you don’t have one.

If this isn’t the case, you might need to find out if you can log in by using your Google account or login with a social network.

If the password has been changed and you can’t log in, the app will ask you for your password.

Once your password has changed, the login prompt will ask if you want the Loisier to send you a code.

You may then have to enter a code, which can be used to log into your Loosers hotel account if you haven’t already.

If your password hasn’t changed and the Loesier app isn’t accepting your code, you won’t be able to log in.

If, after your code has been entered, you don`t receive the code within 30 minutes of entering it, you should check whether you have the Loissier app installed.

The Loews team says that if you do, you probably have Loews on your device, as the app does not allow you to download games directly from the app.

If so, you need to download the games from the Loist, which is also a separate application.

The code will be sent to your phone in 30 minutes and will be the first thing that you see when you log in to Loews.

To update your passwords and login credentials in the app, you first need to use the “receive code” option at the login screen.

Once the code is entered, your login password will change to your chosen password.

When you receive your code at the Loises’ Hotel, you simply need to tap on the code to unlock your hotel, and it will then prompt you to login.

When your code is scanned, you are now able to stream the Loils games and music without having to log out of your Loisers account.