Two years after hotel disaster: A guide to the city’s hotels


A few days after the devastating flooding in New Orleans, hotel guests and residents began to return to their homes.

The floodwaters that hit the city on Friday were so powerful they knocked out power to a major section of the city, and the New Orleans metro system has since been shut down.

But it’s been years since the flooding devastated the historic downtown district.

For more than two years, visitors to the French Quarter have enjoyed a rare chance to visit the French Connection Hotel, which sits next to the old City Hall.

The hotel has become a popular stop for tourists and locals alike as it hosts events and other functions.

But as of this month, the hotel was closed.

And its new owner, the city of New Orleans is hoping to reopen it as a tourist attraction.

The city has asked for donations to help cover the cost of reopening the hotel, which was closed to the public after the storm.

“We’re trying to get it reopened as a place that people can visit,” said the city spokesman, Scott Burchfield.

“This hotel has served as a landmark in the city and in New York for more than 200 years.”

The hotel opened its doors in 1929.

Its owners had been the owners of the French Palace Hotel and were working on a project to convert the building into an outdoor bar and restaurant.

But they failed to get financing and were sold to a group of investors in the early 1980s.

Burchfields said the group’s ownership was purchased by a New York City firm and then by another group, but the hotel has remained in New France since then.

It was sold again in 2014 to the City of New York and now serves as a hotel.

But its owners say they need more help to reopen the hotel.

Burschfield said that the hotel’s future is uncertain.

The company is now a private company, and it has no plans to open a hotel in New Paris.

“The owner of the company that bought the hotel is the City.

So the City is still the owner of that hotel, but it’s not a hotel,” he said.

He said the owners are considering a number of options, including a new development, but they haven’t decided on one yet.

Benschfield noted that the city is also considering whether to use the hotel as a community center.

But the mayor’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

The New Orleans hotel has been closed to visitors since November 20, after Hurricane Katrina.

And it’s still a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

For the past few months, the French connection has hosted concerts and other events, but visitors are not allowed to use its hotel rooms.

The new owners say the building is being renovated and will be open to the general public.

They hope to reopen as a destination in the near future.

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