How to get to the best restaurants in Beverly Hills


BERLIN (AP) If you’re heading to a new city, be prepared for a lot of new food.

There are a lot more of them than you might think.

Here’s a guide to the places you should visit.


BERNELHILL, NEW YORK The neighborhood of Beverly Hills has a rich history dating back to the 1700s when it was the scene of a pivotal battle between the French and the Dutch.

It was also the site of a 17th-century train that brought slaves to the United States.


THE BERNICELLO TOWNHOUSE, NEW BRUNSWICK When the name BERNIFER was coined in the 1890s, the area was home to a handful of Italian immigrants and then a string of Italian-American towns.

Since then, the population has grown and is now home to some of the largest Italian-Americans in the United Stated.


WALTON PARK, LOS ANGELES The historic West Los Angeles neighborhood has become one of the hottest areas in Los Angeles for luxury apartments and boutiques.


ELM CITY, NEW ORLEANS The once-famous Elmont Park is now known for the massive luxury condo development that has been popping up around the area.


TURBIN, NEW MEXICO The vibrant Latino neighborhood in New Mexico’s capital city is a favorite hangout of Hollywood’s big stars.


THE NEW YORK HALL, NEWARK A must-see for anyone looking for a night on the town.

The area is home to hipster hangouts like the Yacht Club, but it’s also known for some of New York City’s best restaurants, bars and theaters.


THE LOS ELIZABETH BRIDGE, SAN FRANCISCO The historic bridge is the epicenter of the city’s downtown skyline, and it’s filled with a mix of artists, designers and artisans.


THE WATERLOO, TEXAS The water is one of life’s pleasures.

The West Houston neighborhood has an impressive array of bars and restaurants.


JOHNSONVILLE, FLORIDA The town of Johnsonville, just outside Tampa, has the best burger in the world and the second-best BBQ in the country.


BRIDGETON, TENNESSEE Bridgeton is home base for the University of Tennessee basketball team.


EASTERN TENNETTS, OHIO The Eastern Tennessee University campus is home of the University at Buffalo.


THE BRUCE CITY BRIDGES, NEBRASKA A beautiful stretch of highway, the Bridgestone Arena, hosts some of college basketball’s biggest games.


NORTHAMPTON, OH The city’s oldest residential neighborhood is packed with boutiques and restaurants and is a popular destination for people visiting the state.


RENO, NV A quaint little town nestled between the mountains, Reno is a great place to visit when the sun is shining and the humidity is off.


WEST BRANCH, TENTON The West Bridgewater neighborhood is the heart of the East Brunswick community.


SOUTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA The Riverwalk is home for a number of local art galleries and galleries are located here.


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA The city is home territory for many of the major sporting events.


THE MARTIN-ELMOUTH BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY The Martin-Elmouth Bridge is the most famous landmark in New Jersey, and its view of the Hudson River is unmatched.


NORWICH, NEW HAVEN The city has been home to many famous businesses, including the legendary PNC Bank.


BOWLING GREEN, NY The former home of PPG Industries was a major financial center in the 1950s and 60s.


THE STONE MOUNTAIN, WASHINGTON A major tourist destination, the Stone Mountain is home a variety of attractions, including a world-class ski resort, a popular hiking trail and the first outdoor concert in the nation.


NORWOOD, NEW TEXARK The area around the Stone Mountains is home the National Museum of Natural History and the largest collection of fossils in the US. 23.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO The town is home home to the headquarters of the U.S. Army and the home of a popular zoo.


THE GOSPEL BRIDGER, NEW KANSAS The church at the corner of Washington Avenue and Washington Street in Kansas City has become a favorite stop for residents heading to the state capital.


THE GRAND RAPIDS, MI A popular destination with weekend brunches, the Grand Rapids area is a good place to check out a variety for the weekend

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